Bechdel Test: Mirrors Edge

Status: Passing type 1 “ A scene meeting these criteria is an unavoidable part of the game”

Description: You play as Faith a female “runner” (couriers using Parkour maneuvers to avoid capture/detection while delivering messages in a future overrun by electronic surveillance). You have several unavoidable conversations with other female characters in the game, including your sister Kate and fellow runner Celeste.


Faith having a conversation with fellow runner Celeste:

Platform: xbox360, Playstation 3, and PC.


What others authors have written regarding Faith and Mirrors Edge:

Comparing Female Protagonists: Portal and Mirror’s Edge

Faith Connors: Inclusive Character Design

This is the first game to be submitted by my submission form ya!! Also on that not I’ve added the optional ability to include a screen name/handle when submitting a game if you what to be credited with the submission.

Source: Reader Submission; Description added by author.


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