Bechdel Test: Half-Life 2

Half-Life 2

Status: Passing type 1 “A scene meeting these criteria is an unavoidable part of the game”

Description:“A marginal case. Prominent NPC characters Alyx and Mossman have two conversations:

In the first, they discuss some errors in the scientific apparatus they’re supervising; in the second, they start off partly talking about other male characters (Breen and Eli Vance) but segue into a technobabbly science discussion. It is arguable whether they count as ‘sustained’.”

Playable Character Test: There is a female playable character (who doesn’t meet the other criteria)

Note: My googe-fu couldn’t confirm that there was a female character. Please leave a comment if you can confirm or deny the presence of a playable female character.

(others have corrected this in the comments and original submitter confirmed they must have accidentally missed clicked, it happens)

Platform: Microsoft Windows, Xbox, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Mac OS

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Bechdel Test: Half-Life


Cover Art for Half Life.

Status: Fail: “The game does not meet any of the Bechdel Test criteria” (PC version)

“The game has two women but they don’t communicate with each other” (PS2 version, dubious)

Description: No female characters in the game (excepting Hazard Course hologram and multi-player model). Few conversations between NPCs. Player character never speaks.

Note however that PS2 version includes ‘Decay’, a co-op mode with two female player characters who work together to solve puzzles/shoot things. Dubious whether they ‘communicate’, though

Platform: PC, PS2


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Source: Reader submission by John Brindle, thank you for your contribution. If you disagree with a game’s rating leave a comment below or E-mail me at namedbychaos @